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Officially registered: June 16, 1981

1st revision: September 12, 1990

2nd revision: September 12, 1999

3rd revision: September 1, 2005

4 th revision: September 13, 2006

A PDF file of the Constitution and Bylaws can be downloaded here




The European Society of Veterinary Cardiology is established as an independent organisation.



Name and Structure

Article 1.

1.1.      The name of the organization shall be: the European Society of Veterinary Cardiology, hereafter referred to as the "Society".

1.2.      The society is a part of the international structure for veterinary specialization in the European Union (E.U.). The society is an independent organisation associated to the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Companion animals- (ECVIM-CA)



Article 2.

2.1.      The Society is established for an unlimited period.

2.2.      The Society year runs concurrently with the calendar year, subject to the first society year ending on the last day of December of the year in which the Society was established.



Article 3.

The Society is a non-profit making organisation and does not pursue commercial interests. The finances of the Society may only be spent in accordance with the constitution. Members or officers of the Society shall receive no payment from the funds of the Society, except reimbursement of expenses.

The primary objectives of the Society shall be to advance veterinary cardiology in Europe:

a) To promote the exchange of information and further scientific progress in Veterinary Cardiology on an international basis

b) To encourage and promote improved methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart diseases in animals.

c) To encourage adequate cardiology training in Veterinary Colleges and Universities.



Article 4.

4.1       The categories of membership of the Society are:


(b)Honorary Member

4.2       (a)  Member: Active membership is open to any veterinarian who is engaged in some branch of veterinary sciences, or to non-veterinarians with an interest in Veterinary Medicine, who are in some way contributing to the advancement of veterinary cardiology. A member has the right to vote and to hold office in the organization.

            (b)  Honorary member:

1. A member who has demonstrated meritorious service for the society

2. Any person who has achieved distinction in comparative cardiology and made significant contributions to veterinary cardiology

3. Honorary members are not required to pay dues or registration fees

4. Honorary members have the right to vote and to hold office in the organisation

5. Nominations for Honorary Membership shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Society

6. Election of an Honorary Member shall be accomplished by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those members of the Executive Committee (E.C.) attending an E.C. meeting at which a quorum is present, and by a two thirds vote of the ESVC members present at a regularly scheduled meeting (annual general meeting, AGM).


Organisation and officers

Article 5.

5.1       The Officers of the Society are the President, the President-Elect and the Secretary-Treasurer.

5.2       The term of office is three years

5.3       The Secretary-treasurer may serve without limitation

5.4       President is succeeded by the President Elect. The other board members may be re-elected. Other vacancies that might occur shall be filled by a qualified Member by proposal of the Executive Committee.



Executive Committee

Article 6.

6.1       The Executive Committee consists of:
The President, the President-Elect and the immediate Past-President
The Secretary
The Treasurer
The Scientific Programme Organiser
Two Executive Members
The Managing Editor of the Journal of Veterinary Cardiology

6.2       The Executive Committee administers Society affairs and its financial conduct.

6.3       The Executive Committee has an absolute executive and organizing mandate.

6.4       The Executive Committee will convene a general meeting of the members each year (AGM). The Executive Committee will report on its work over the past year and proposals for the future during this meeting.



Article 7.

7.1       The Executive Committee is elected at the regularly scheduled business meeting of the society (AGM).

7.2       A nominating Committee of three persons shall be appointed by the President prior to each election. This nominating Committee recommends one member for each office. Nomination of qualified members may also be made from the floor.



Article 8.

8.1       Meetings of the Society are called by the executive Committee. In addition to the annual general meeting, the society may organise continuing education (CE) meetings, normally before ECVIM-CA, WSAVA or FECAVA meetings.

8.2       Each CE meeting, seminar or round table shall be open to non-members on payment of a registration fee. CE meetings are free of charge to ESVC members. Speakers at CE meetings shall be paid if the financial situation makes it possible.



Article 9.

9.1       Proposed amendments to this Constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary- Treasurer for consideration by the Executive Committee, prior to the 31st of December. Any proposed amendment shall be distributed to the membership with a recommendation by the Executive Committee, at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting and shall be brought to a vote of the Members at the next annual meeting. An affirmative vote of at least two thirds of the Members voting shall be required for adoption.

9.2       The act of constitution of the Society has been officially registered (in Venetia, June 16th 1981 by Dr Aurelio Minazzi, official public notary). Any major amendments, made by the Executive Committee and approved by the AGM should be registered by a public notary, preferably in the country of the executive secretary-treasurer to avoid excessive expense.


Journal of Veterinary Cardiology:

Article 10.

10.1     The Journal of Veterinary Cardiology is the official Journal of the Society. The Chief Editor of the journal serves automatically within the Executive Committee, as Society representative of the Journal.

10.2     Published since 1999, the Journal of Veterinary Cardiology is now contractually published by Elsevier for a 5 year period with automatic renewal of the contract beginning in 2005. Further development may require a change of publisher or Editorial board. Major changes in the Editorial board have to be approved by the Committee and the AGM.


Membership fee:

Article 11.

11.1     The membership fee in Euro is fixed yearly by the Executive committee.

11.2     The membership fee for the year must be before March, following the instruction given by the Secretary, published in the Newsletter and on the Website.

11.3     After this date, members who have not the annual membership fee will be excluded from the society.

11.4     The members of the European Society of Veterinary Cardiology are able to vote on matters affecting the Society. They will receive news about matters of cardiological interest (via the newsletter and Journal) and may participate in meetings, seminars, round table discussions and the annual general meeting.


Signed by the Officers, on behalf of the Executive Committee

No Description No Description No Description
Karsten Schober   Josepha Fernades del Palacio Christophe Amberger
President  President elect  Executive Secretary






General Assembly (Annual General Meeting)

Article 1.

1.1       It is the duty of members to be present at the Annual General Meeting on a regular basis.

1.2       The General Assembly is the senior legislative body of the Society and has the following duties:
a) Determining and updating the Constitution and Bylaws.
b) Election of the Officers, Board Members and Auditors.  Written nominations must be received by the Executive Secretary at least two months prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Alternatively, nominations may be made by a call from the floor.
c) Action on the auditor's report.
d) Formal approval of the business conducted by the Board during the proceeding year.
e) Action on business, presented by the Board or as required by the Constitution.
f) Establish membership dues for the forthcoming year.

1.3       Each Society Member has the right to vote. He/she has to be present at the Annual Business Meeting to do so. Each Diplomate has one (1) vote.

1.4       All updates of the constitution, proposals from the floor or questions raised during the AGM, except as designated elsewhere, shall be accepted by a 2/3 vote of ose present.

1.5       The language of all Bylaws, correspondence and negotiations shall be English.


Duties of officers

Article 2.

2.1       President.  The President shall preside at the meetings of the Society, preserve order, regulate debates, appoint Committees not otherwise provided for, announce results of elections and perform all other duties legitimately appertaining to his/her office.

2.2       President-elect.  The President-elect shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to serve. He/she shall be the Programme Chairperson for the annual Meeting of the Society.  The President-elect shall, in general, succeed to the presidency should that office fall vacant.

2.3       Secretary treasurer.  The Secretary-treasurer shall attend to the correspondence of the Society; keep and publish lists annually of Members, keep minutes of the Society in books or electronic form which shall be the property of the Society and accessible at all reasonable times and places and perform the furthermore usual duties of a secretary.  The secretary-treasurer shall advise the President on budgetary matters, shall arrange for safekeeping of all funds, draw vouchers, pay bills and expenses, and submit a written financial statement to all members annually. He/she shall keep full and accurate books of account, containing a record of all monies received and expended, which books shall be the property of the Society and open to the inspection of the authorized officials at all reasonable times and places.

2.4       Scientific Program Organizer (SPO).  The SPO is the Society representative to the ECVIM-CA Congress foundation. He/she shall advise the Executive Committee on topics chosen for the Annual Meeting of the ESVC, held during the Annual ECVIM-CA Congress. He/she shall be able for inviting speakers, the scientific program, short communications and Posters.

2.5       Chief Editor, Journal of Veterinary Cardiology.  The Chief Editor of the JVCard is automatically a member of the Executive Committee of the Society. He/She informs the officers about the development of the journal, the changes needed or made during the year and the interaction with the Publisher.


Executive Committee

Article 3.

3.1       Executive Committee of the Society.  The Executive Committee of the Society shall consist of the officers, the immediate Past-President, the SPO, 2 board members and the Editor in Chief of the JVC. The Executive Committee shall consider all the business and policies pertaining to the affairs of the Society. It shall appoint standing Committees, select the time and place of meetings and determine the membership fees. It shall direct the management of funds held by the Society.

3.2.      Financial Committee.  The Financial Committee shall consist of three members of the Society. The Treasurer shall serve as Chairperson. Two auditors are elected by the general assembly at the AGM for a three year term. One of the two auditors evaluates the treasurer report and reports his/her findings to the general assembly. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual report and budget for the Society, prepare the Treasurer's books for the annual audit and advise the Board on the financial affairs of the Society.



Article 4.

4.1       The Society is a non-profit organization. The expenses of the Society shall be met through various sources of income including:
a) Annual membership fee (payable by March 1). The annual fee (Euro) of each active member shall be determined by the general assembly. Members that are more than one year in arrears shall be removed from the membership.
b) Donations and sponsorship from companies and international organizations.
c) Income from educational meetings organized by the College.
Any monies accumulated shall be safely invested and serve as a reserve for possible use at a later time.


Article 5.

5.1       The annual general meeting of the Society will be held during the annual scientific meeting of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ECVIM-CA) or at some other appropriate meeting agreed upon by the Officers.

5.2       An Extraordinary meeting of the Society may be called at any time by the Executive Committee, on written request explaining the need for such a meeting. To be valid, votes held at such a meeting should have at least than 10% of the members. In the latter case, the Extraordinary Meeting has to take place within a period of three months. If not, these members are empowered to summon an Extraordinary Meeting themselves.

5.3       The Executive Committee shall meet at least once annually between the dates of the annual general meeting, when judged necessary by the President.



Article 6.

These Bylaws may be amended at any annual General Meeting by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Secretary for appropriate review by the Executive Committee. Proposed amendments shall be available to the membership at least thirty days before the annual General Meeting.


Dissolution of the Society

Article 7.

In the case of dissolution of the Society, all assets shall be expended for educational purpose as voted by the last membership meeting.

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