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Cardiology Trainee Award

The ESVC is sponsoring a cardiology trainee award for oral research abstract and poster presented at ECVIM-CA Congress in the cardiology program.

 2022 Winners:

1st ORAL
Stefano Battaia “Atrial depolarization waves localization and characterization on surface electrocardiogram in dogs with fast supraventricular tachycardias”.

2nd ORAL
Giovanni Grosso “Echocardiographic reference intervals for right pulmonary artery dimension and distensibility index: a prospective study in 269 healthy dogs”.

Valentina Patata “Normalized left atrial diameter in healthy and cardiomyopathic cats”.



  1. Cardiology residents, cardiology interns and cardiology graduate students are eligible for this award
  2. For oral presentations, the presenter has to be the cardiology trainee and first author of the abstract
  3. For posters, the cardiology trainee has to be first author of the abstract
  4. The presenter should be currently enrolled in a training program or within 1 year from termination of this program (in this case the work presented has to be performed at the institution of training)


  1. Judging is provided by ESVC board members
  2. Any conflict of interest from board member has to be disclosed before the congress. If a conflict of interest is disclosed, the involved board member will not judge the relevant specific abstract.
  3. All abstracts are ranked based on the following criteria
    • Scientific content
    • Clinical importance
    • Scientific language
  4. Oral presentations are ranked on the following criteria
    • Scientific content
    • Quality of presentation including organization/power point slides
    • Management of questions
  5. Poster are ranked on the following criteria
    • Scientific content
    • Quality of poster including graphics, clarity, and organization
  6. The following awards are given
    • Best poster: 250 Euro + BSVA book
    • Best oral presentation: 800 Euro
    • Second best oral presentation: 500 Euro + BSVA book