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Request for Proposals.  Application deadline: May 31, 2024

Download proposal guidelines.

Download the template for proposals .

All grant proposals should be submitted via email to Liva 

One of the objectives of the ESVC is “to encourage and promote improved methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease in animals”. In keeping with this goal, the ESVC has created a Clinical Study Fund..

 The goal of this fund is to support high quality clinical research aimed at improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in animals.

Program description

  • If ethical approval was not provided at the time of submission, it must be provided shortly after the grant has been awarded or a justification should be provided to explain why ethical approval is not necessary.
  • A panel of recognized experts in veterinary cardiology appointed by the board will review all proposals according to a list of objective criteria.
  • Final decision will be made by the ESVC board.
  • Funding will be granted based on the scientific merit of the proposal and the availability of funding, after ranking the proposal accordingly.
  • The fund will support up to two research project/year• Duration of the project should be one year. If it is not possible to complete the project in one year, an application can be made for an extension for a second year. With this application, a progress report must be submitted at the end of the first year.
  • Maximum funding: total funding available is €20,000 Euro
  • Deadline for application: May 31, 2024
  • Funding decision: Applicant will be informed of the decision by July 31, 2024


  • The principal investigator must be a member of the ESVC with current membership
  • Each ESVC member can submit only one application per year as principal investigator

Instructions for applications

  • Deadline for application: May 31, 2024
  • Applications should not be more than 2,000 words excluding references, budget, CV of principal investigator and qualification of co-investigators
  • Applications should provide the following (please use the provided template):
    • Statement of ethical approval either approved (provide decision letter) or pending where appropriate (or explanation why no approval will be sought or required)
    • Abstract
    • Background and significance
    • Hypothesis and aims
    • Materials and methods
    • Timeline
    • Possible benefit(s) of the study to the veterinary cardiology community
    • Detailed budget (a form is downloadable)
    • Publication aims in the future
    • References should be limited to 15
  • Applications should be submitted via email to the secretary of ESVC
  • One page CV for principal investigator


  • Progress report must be submitted at the end of the first year and at the two years if an extension has been approved.
  • Final report must be submitted 1 year after the last progress report was submitted.
  • The ESVC retains the right to ask that the funding be returned if it is not used in 2 years or if an adequate progress report is not submitted in a timely manner as required.

Format Specifications

While a template is provided with this Guideline document for reference and convenience, correct formatting and usage is the responsibility of the principal investigator.

  • Proposal should be typed in Arial 11 point font, single spaced, with 2.5 cm margins. Numbering consecutive pages from the Cover Page (page 1).
  • Sections of the proposal should appear in the following order:
    • Cover Page
    • Abstract (300 word limit)
    • Hypothesis and Specific Aims (1/2 page limit)
    • Background and significance (1 page limit)
      • If available, provide preliminary or previously published data demonstrating feasibility and potential validity of the hypothesis
    • Experimental design and methods (2 page limit)
      • Include justification for sample size
    • Timelines (1/2 page limit)
    • Anticipated outcomes (1/2 page limit)
    • References (up to 15, 1 page limit)
    • Budget details (including a sub-section entitled "Justification", 1/2 page limit)
    • Curriculum vitae of the principal investigator (1 page limit)
    • Contributions and summary of qualifications for all co-investigators

Review criteria

  • Late submissions and those failing to comply with the requirements of this call will not be considered for award.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the ESVC Grant Committee.
  • Proposals will be ranked by the committee on a scale of 1 (outstanding) to 5 (not acceptable).
  • Funding will be allocated based on the order of rankings. In case of a tie, the ESVC Board will make the final decision
  • The primary review criteria are as follows:
    • The scientific quality of the proposed project
    • Feasibility of the study
    • Demonstration of clinical relevance
    • Relevance of work to animal health and well being

Date updated: April 18, 2024